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Concept: Suspend 1500+ hand-knit mini red sweaters from a tree.
Participants: Anyone who can knit or crochet!
Purpose: This project is an art installation that was inspired by the war in Iraq. Its purpose is to spread public awareness, encourage thought, and inspire discussions about war and current events without promoting a specific view.
Credits: This project began Saturday, February 19, 2005 in San Francisco, California at 1:32am by Nina Rosenberg.


Disclaimer: The following page includes explanations of the artist's inspiration and intended symbolism. If you prefer to view the piece and discern your own meanings, opinions, and critique of the piece before being influenced, please wait and read this page after you have seen the installation. If you are going to write a critique and would like to use an excerpt from the following explanations, please give credit to the author/artist.