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Red Heart Yarn in any shade of red
100% Acrylic (I suggest Medium Worsted weight (super saver) but you can use any weight)
Approx. 1oz per sweater
**Please only use yarn with "red" in the name, like "cherry red", "flame red", etc.

#6 or size needed to obtain correct sweater size
(Circular needles are recommended)

Yarn Darning needle
Optional: Stitch holder

No gauge. Sweater should be approximately 3.5" long, 3" wide at chest, with 3" long sleeves.

Please refer to the Sweater Spec for more detailed measurements.
Click this link to download the spec:
download spec as image

The patterns are written for stockinette stitch (*knit 1 row, purl 1 row*). But the sweaters can easily be knit in garter stitch (knit each row), seed stitch (k1, p1), ribs or cables. Use your imagination!

WS = wrong side (or inside of the garment, purl side)
RS = right side (or outside of the garment, knit side)
st(s) = stitch(es)

Front Body
Cast on 14 sts. Leave a tail about 2 feet long.
Row 1 (WS) Purl
Row 2 (RS) Knit
Row 3-12 repeat rows 1 and 2
Row 13 (WS) Purl

Begin Sleeve Shape
Row 14 (RS) Knit across, cast on 12sts at end of row (26sts on needle)
Row 15 (WS) Purl across, cast on 12sts at end of row (38sts on needle)
Row 16 (RS) Knit
Row 17 (WS) Purl
Row 18-19 repeat rows 16 and 17

Begin Neck Shape
Row 20 (RS) Knit 17sts, cast off next 4sts, knit remaining 17sts. (34sts on needle, 17sts on each side)

Shape wearer's right shoulder
Row 21 (WS) Purl 17sts. Do not work remaining 17sts.
Row 22 (RS) Knit in the same 17sts from row 21. Place these 17sts on stitch holder.

Shape wearer's left shoulder
Using a separate piece of yarn (2 or 3 feet of yarn, max.)
Row 21 (WS) Purl 17sts remaining on needle
Row 22 (RS) Knit 17sts

End Neck Shape
Return stitches from stitch holder to needle. Be careful not to twist the stitches.
Working with original yarn at the wearer's right sleeve:
Row 23 (WS) Purl 17sts, cast on 4 sts, purl remaining 17sts (38sts on needle)
Row 24 (RS) Knit
Row 25 (WS) Purl
Row 26 (RS) Knit
Row 27 (WS) Purl
Row 28 (RS) Knit

End Sleeve Shape
Row 29 (WS) Cast off first 12 sts, Purl remaining 26sts. (26sts on needle)
Row 30 (RS) Cast off first 12 sts, Knit remaining 14sts. (14sts on needle)
Back Body
Row 31 (WS) Purl
Row 32 (RS) Knit
Row 33-42 repeat rows 31 and 32
Row 43 (WS) Cast off. Leave a tail about 2 feet long.

Darn in yarn ends at wearer's left shoulder.
Using your long tails from casting on and off, sew the side seams from bottom opening to sleeve opening. Secure the sewing yarn at the TOP of the sleeve opening - DO NOT CUT THE YARN - we will use this yarn to tie the sweaters together. Then they'll hang in the tree like a garland. Please visit the Runway page to see how your complete Red Sweater will look.

Download Patterns

There are many different versions of the sweater pattern. Please click on the links below to find the version that is easiest for you to work with.

Pattern as Excel file. This version has a chart so you can see what the shape of the sweater should look like as you knit.
Pattern re-written by a RedSweaters Yahoo! group member.
Pattern for crochet.
Pattern in 4 pieces. This pattern is easy enough for anyone who has only made scarves.
Pattern on one page. This file has the basic hand-knit instructions formatted to one page. Print out a few and hand them out to your friends! Open with Adobe Acrobat.
Pattern for SEAMLESS sweater. This pattern is for a slightly more advanced knitter.

Click on these links to learn the skills you need for the seamless pattern:
1) Knitting in the round with DPNs,
2) 3 needle bind off
3) picking up stitches.

Questions? If you have any questions about this project, please email us at and we can discuss your idea as a group. (Or email me privately if you do not wish to join the email list).

Submissions:When your Red Sweater is complete, please send it to:

Red Sweaters c/o Nina Rosenberg
3235 Folstom St
San Francisco, CA 94110

If you're in the bay area, I can probably pick up your sweaters.

**Please only use Red Heart yarn in colors with "red" in the name. I understand that all knitters have random bits and scraps of various shades of red and textures of yarn with all different contents that they are eager to use up. However, in order to maintain the integrity of symbolism in this installation, we all need to use the exact same materials. Please read the Inspiration page for a more detailed explanation, or email if you have any questions. Thank you!